White Color
F104 - Back with ribbon, loofah side.
10 cm
F101 - Palm with ribbon and elastic (loofah side)


1- Back with ribbon and rope “ Hand Out Loofah” , One Side is Loofah & the other one is cotton Towel. (With Many Different Towel Colors). 2- Between both sides, there is one layer from cotton lining “Raw Clothes”, and sponge or one of them. 3- All sides and layers are combined & closed together by cotton ribbon “tape”. (With Many Different Ribbon,  Colors), and there are two handles from cotton ribbon (25cm + 25cm) “from both sides”.

Name: F104 - Back with ribbon

Code: F104

Size “Raw Loofah”: 30cm x 10cm

Size “whole loofah”: 80cm x 10cm 

Horus Natural Body Loofah F104 - Back with ribbon
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Available in different assorted colors
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